To help you with the submissions process we have put together a video of our ‘Top Ten Tips on Submitting a Manuscript’. We recommend that anyone wanting to submit their manuscript watches this first and then carefully reads all the guidelines below.

Compulsory Guidelines

  • Picture Book Maximum word count: 650 words. Please do not email or call us asking if your 700, 869, 1003 words text will be considered. We will always look at everything that is sent to us, but those above the word count have less chance than a book that is below it. Also keep in mind if we did accept a text above the word count then it would have to be edited down to below 650 for the published version. Our preferred word count is between 200 – 350 words.
  • Junior Fiction (ages 7-9) word count: 6,000 – 18,000 words. Middle Grade (ages 8-12) word count: 20,000 – 55,000 words.  We accept texts that are 10% over these word counts, but any higher and the above issues apply.
  • For junior fiction and middle grade submissions, please include a synopsis with your submission. This should be no longer than an A4 page, formatted clearly and include all “spoilers”. We are also happy to receive the first three chapters of a book or full manuscripts.
  • Manuscripts must be submitted either as a PDF or in a Word/Rich Text document. We will not read submissions that are on an external links/websites or on a dropbox.
  • Double line spacing, typed in a legible font, text running from one page to another (i.e. not one sentence/stanza per page). WRITING EVERYTHING IN CAPS IS NOT FRIENDLY!
  • We accept stories written in rhyme or prose, but not poetry. If you don’t think rhyming is your strength then write in prose – we receive far more rhyme than prose, but ideally want to publish more prose than rhyme!
  • File size no bigger than 5mb.
  • Please refrain from including illustrations with your manuscript unless you are an author/illustrator. If this is the case, then please let us know whether you are happy for only the text to be used.
  • In the subject heading of your email please include your name and the title of the text.
  • We only accept submissions by email. Postal submissions will not be considered unless with very good reason.
    N.b. Hurrah! We do accept unsolicited manuscripts.


Preferred Guidelines:

• If submitting multiple manuscripts please put in the same email.
• We are looking for something a little bit quirky… we are called Maverick!
• We publish children’s picture story books, so please make sure that your text is a story.
• A short cover letter with some information about yourself eg. location, job and whether you are already published.
• Your name on the email (you would be amazed how many people forget to put a name!).
• It looks better if you send your own submission, unless it is being sent on your behalf by an agent.
N.b. At Maverick we are looking for proactive authors, who want to go out and about doing events etc. It is also important for us that you write lots and really really really want to be an author.

I have read the guidelines and now I want to submit!

We do not accept postal submissions.  Any postal submissions will not be read.

Picture Book Submissions:

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Junior Fiction Submissions:

To submit please click the button below:
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